Biohacking & Body Science | Gary Brecka

by | Jun 29, 2022

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Today I sat down with one of the leading human biologist, bio-hacker and functional medicine expert Gary Brecka. Gary is also known as the celebrity biohacker who has worked with the likes of Grant Cardone, the Kardashians and NFL as well.

This episode is gonna blow your mind and shatter the majority of your beliefs regarding the subjects of health, disease, and emotional well-being.

Gary shares a simple analogy of how by just providing the raw materials for the body, we can enable it to take care of itself and never fall prey to any disease ever. And how by understanding the only reason for death in humans(hypoxia) we can resolve many health and wellbeing challenges that we are currently facing.

Here are some powerful snippets from the episode which you wouldn’t wanna miss…

3:41- Misnomers around optimal health and Gary’s big takeaway from studying mortality.

4:45- What are raw materials? How to get more of them?

9:00- Truth about B-vitamin and Folic acid supplements.

11:40- why is our opinion about anxiety wrong?

17:16- Difference between the emotional states of anger and passion.

22:50- How do our emotions affect the kind of memories that we create in our lives?

29:25: What is depression? And what modern medicine is doing wrong?


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Biohacking & Body Science | Gary Brecka

by | Jun 29, 2022

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