Building A Coaching Business From Scratch With David Schloss

by | Mar 30, 2022

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Today in the show Natasha sat down with David Schloss, the founder of Convert ROI, a highly successful digital advertising agency focusing exclusively on Facebook and Instagram ads platform.

His expertise is behind the PSYCHOLOGY of running high yielding Facebook Advertising Campaigns whether that is through his fully managed private client work, consulting, intensive training events or keynote speaking.

David’s proprietary methods of “Contextual Congruence”, his process developed based on the marriage between direct response marketing and understanding social behavior are responsible for millions of dollars in revenue for his clients every year.

We’re going to break down the exact strategy David teaches his clients, when he manages MILLIONS in ad spend for some of the largest organizations around, globally.

What to Listen For:

– 00:00 Intro

– 02:03 How to launch your own course.

– 04:52 How to sell anything, to anyone.

– 07:13 The best tech to scale your coaching business.

– 15:50 No one cares what your name is.

– 22:52 Growth & marketing strategies for webinars.

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Building A Coaching Business From Scratch With David Schloss

by | Mar 30, 2022

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