Food either HEALS YOU or KILLS YOU | Karl Krummenacher

by | Jul 6, 2022

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When I was young, I thought I was INVINCIBLE. I did anything I wanted without ever questioning my health. But then a disease hit me and made me realize that I was not taking care of myself. But how could I take care of myself if I didn’t understand my body?

In The Guardians Retreat I had the AMAZING chance to speak with Karl Krummenacher about functional medicine and how health should not have a “one size fits all” approach. He is the CEO of Mindshare Collaborative, the largest organization dedicated to helping health professionals manage and scale their businesses whilst looking for ways to increase their authority.

If you want to learn how to understand your body to prevent or relieve disease, don’t miss this episode! 💣💣💣

0:00-0:48 Intro

0:48-1:36 Who is Karl?

1:37-04:30 The problem with our health practitioners

4:30-7:09 Can we trust our doctors?

7:10-11:06 What works for THEM may not work for YOU

11:07-12:06 The REAL QUESTION to ask when looking for a healthcare specialist

12:06- 14:56 How Mindshare Collaborative works

14:57-18:57 Is Gluten dangerous for us?

18:58-22:10 How to READ our body’s NEEDS

22:10-26:05 What to avoid

26:06-27:16 “The USA is the most medicated country in the world”

27:17-31:45 Food can heal you or kill you, but you get to choose!

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Food either HEALS YOU or KILLS YOU | Karl Krummenacher

by | Jul 6, 2022

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