From CERO To HERO | Marina Worre

by | Jul 13, 2022

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The best way to EMPOWER yourself is by listening to this amazing woman today!

Today I got the amazing chance to speak with the overachiever Marina Worre. She is a massive advocate for women, a self-made business woman and CEO of Worre Studios where they make virtual and hybrid events.

Don’t miss these!!!

0:00- 0:42 Intro

0:43-1:35 Who is Marina Worre?

1:36-4:09 “When I lost myself, I had to rebuild again that powerful business woman that I was”

4:10-10:23 When you give value, the universe gives back: How the business grew

10:24-13:42 From entrepreneur to Network Marketing

13:44-15:59 “Why not me?” You can do anything you want

16:00-17:03 Instead of living in the world of NEEDS, Why not live in the world of DREAMS?

17:04-19:17 BE that powerful businesswoman

19:18-25:48 Forgive yourself and your mistakes to succeed


29:36-34:50 When people try to bring you down

34:51-40:25 Learn from people that raise your average UP

40:25-44:23 Investing in yourself is the BEST USE OF YOUR TIME

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From CERO To HERO | Marina Worre

by | Jul 13, 2022

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