From SETBACK to COMEBACK with Tim Storey

by | Jul 20, 2022

I am so excited to present to you my dear friend and mentor Tim Storey! He is a top selling writer and motivational speaker, he’s on shows on NINETY airports, he coaches top celebrities and has even helped me transform my own business.

Listen for these:

0:00-0:45 Intro

0:46-2:00 Who is Tim Storey?

2:01-3:32 Tim’s purpose (will inspire you!)

3:33-4:49 “Life can knock the SHOUT out of you”, but it should’t

5:00-6:08 How to get to the right place

6:09-9:27 The importance of UPLIFTING PEOPLE

9:28-12:57 The green room

12:58-14:52 every human being is facing something

14:53-17:20 the MIRACLE MINDSET

17:21- 21:41 Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? WATCH THIS!

21:42-23:54 BE IT before you BECOME IT

23:55-26:01 Stop apologizing for WHO YOU ARE!

26:02-29:25 Having a mentor like Tim

29:26-34:13 Your mindset is YOURS TO SET

34:14-37:00 Show UP in your life

37:00-40:20 LISTEN and you will start to see results

40:21-41:41 The power of changing ONE person’s life



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From SETBACK to COMEBACK with Tim Storey

by | Jul 20, 2022

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