Guided Meditation With Top Meditation Coach Rasa With Rasa Lukosiute

by | Feb 16, 2022

About The Guest

On the latest episode on the Law Of Attraction Podcast, I sat down with Rasa Lukosiute (@pura.rasa)

Rasa has one of the BIGGEST MEDITATION platforms on YouTube! I have to admit I was fan-girling her for many years, so I’m so excited to have her on our show today for you guys! But the story of connection to her is far deeper than this… Rasa’s meditations helped heal me over the last few years of anxiety and some of my darkest times I would listen to her soothing meditation and they would always give me hope and light.

On the episode today she has made a special lunchtime GUIDED MEDITATION for you, I hope it helps you like it did for me too.

Her guided meditations range from sleep aid, stress relief, personal transformation, spirit connection, healing, law of attraction and many more. Rasa is a qualified life coach and a Yoga teacher.

On the podcast, we learned about the power of meditation, enlightenment and personal transformation.

Here’s what we spoke about…

  • When should you start meditating?
  • How to heal yourself.
  • Meditation and unblocking money in your life.
  • On rituals, meditation and trying your best.
  • The importance of gratefulness and gratitude meditations.
  • Guided Meditation for you

About Your Guided Mediation

Awakening gently with this soft and effective morning meditation. This guided meditation will place you on a path where things simply flow effortlessly… This is a great opportunity to set your vibration and intention right for the magical day ahead ✨.

This is the FREE gift from Rasa teaching you about the power of meditation!

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Guided Meditation With Top Meditation Coach Rasa With Rasa Lukosiute

by | Feb 16, 2022

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