Natasha’s charities

“Philanthropy is at the heart of what I do. We aim to give back and in anyway that we can. Children have always had special place in my heart. So, being on the advisory board for the Pencils Of Promise the charity is something I’m so honored to be a part of.”

I am so excited to see the school that I am building with Pencils Of Promise come to fruition in Guatemala. I spent some time there in October 2022 visiting some of the schools that Pencils Of Promise built and it was the most life changing emotional experience of my life, seeing these kids who usually wouldn’t have an education or a chance to live a healthier life. Their lives are transformed through the work PoP do. I gave a workshop on menstrual hygiene with the teachers there. I am so excited to see the school once it’s built that I donated.

I am so excited to now (2023) be doing a campaign alongside French Montana where we are aiming (with your help) to build 3 schools in Guatemala, Ghana and Laos. If you would like to be a part of this mission with us you can find out more here:

Project pop drop

(The solution to homelessness in LA)