The Law of attraction podcast

Hosted by Natasha

Natasha is the host The Law Of Attraction podcast which has gained over 100 Million Views to date and is often in the ‘Top shows category for education on Apple podcasts.

Latest Episodes

Birthday Meditation

Today is my birthday and so I wanted to share a gift with you. Every year, I always found myself searching online for some kind of “birthday meditation” or something to do to empower my day, and I could never find anything so that’s why today I bring you this powerful...

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MBS Breakthrough FORGIVENESS Meditation

This time of the year is the perfect time to forgive and start over again. I invite you to join me today in this beautiful MBS Meditation that will allow you to forgive yourself or the people that hurt you. The MBS method is comprised of ancient breathing...

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Hey guys! I am so excited to welcome in my podcast the BRILLIANT PODCAST KING Pat Flynn. Pat is a serial entrepreneur and a YouTube creator. He's got one of the BIGGEST Podcasts in the world with 70 MILLION+ Downloads! So KEEP UP with this episode to have a ONE-TO-ONE...

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Wonder how I get to speak on stages alongside inspiring people such as Gary Vee, Jim Kwik, Tony Robbins, and MORE over and over again without feeling anxious or panicked? HERE'S HOW. In this episode I want to share with you the BEST TIPS life has taught me throughout...

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HEAL YOURSELF In Under 6 Minutes With These Exercises!

Sometimes you just have to stop and take a BREATH. We breathe in and out approximately 22,000 times a day. Are you breathing in correctly? There are many kinds of breathing exercises we can do to heal ourselves. When I was dealing with my hyperthyroid disease, a...

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BE DECISIVE With CEO Boss Allison Statter

I am HONOURED to have this powerful rockstar, Allison Statter, with us today. She is the Co-founder and CEO of Blended Strategy Group based in LA. Allison is a visionary and a FORCE in the entertainment industry. With over 20 years of experience she represents and has...

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You Can Get Out Of Your Mess TOO! #BeItuntilyoubecomeit

If you're seeing this, THIS IS MEANT FOR YOU! The world can seem like a messy place. It can sometimes seem like things are not working out for you, or the universe is ignoring your demands. I want to help you reconnect with the YOUniverse through the wisdom inside my...

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Heart-Warming Inner Child Meditation

When was the last time you took care of YOURSELF? Today I want you to join me in this beautiful meditation to HEAL your inner child and connect with them. Your inner child has been trying to reach out to you! Can you hear them? Your inner child has more wisdom than...

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