Network Builder, Thought-leader

Natasha Grano is the nation’s #1 Mindset Coach & ranked number 1 female motivational speaker under 40 in the world’ by Forbes Magazine and top female mindset coach by Business Insider.

Why Natasha Grano?

“#1 Female Motivational Speaker Under 40”

“The nation’s #1 Mindset Coach” 

“#1 Social Media Marketing Expert…”

In a world brimming with influencers, what sets one apart from the next? Natasha Grano is a motivational speaker and thought leader who has spent years establishing herself as one of the top authors in the arena. Pulling from her own life experiences, Grano teaches her clients how to build networks, increase their net worth and elevate their business to the highest levels.

More than just a motivational speaker, Grano is a bestselling author and social media expert who has been featured on BBC Radio, The Daily Mail, Yahoo News and Forbes, where she was labeled the #1 Female Motivational Speaker Under 40. Considered a powerhouse of energy, Grano can be reached for bookings directly through her website.


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8 Key skillsets:
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