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I had the most incredible thing happen to me in my love life upon being in Natasha’s presence for literally less than 20mins . I always heard that she could do three hours of therapy in 15 minutes and I can now swear by this word she is truly a gift to this world . I have been single for 10 years and celibate for 3  . I had completely given up on love , given up hope and felt estranged from the world and was living  in Colombia for the last few years , trying to find my way back to the States but I was  scared to live there alone , I had many work opportunities there but I keep returning to Colombia because I was scared of been there as a young woman alone . When I came across Natasha a year ago ,I enrolled in her Meditational behavioural synchronicity   programme and started to practice it regularly , I had  the honour of actually meeting her at the THRIVE conference where she spoke to thousands of people , I had a few moments of her mentoring in person and I asked her how to find love , she gave me the most incredible advice and 3  tips for me to do there and then and told me  they would change my life. She also went on to say I bet the love of your life is actually at this event and that’s the reason why you were brought here  through me as a vessel to help you meet your soul mate. On the final day of the event I had noticed this lovely gentleman who had  been smiling at me at this event , he was working for one the speaker’s as well and when I got acquainted with him within a matter of seconds I could feel the energy between me and him and everyone else said they could also see this incredible connection. We went on to spend the next week together and I cancelled all my plans and so did he and He asked me to move to Canada where he is from we even spoke about moving to the states together. I truly believe I have met my soul mate and I could spend the rest of my life with this incredible man I feel so grateful for Natasha for showing me the light and helping me to meet my soul mate , I thought you might like to see some of the texts  attached below so please do enjoy reading a little bit about our journey so far


“Natasha is a compassionate thought leader who’s consistently delivering value. I get super charged and feel good listening to her interviews. It’s easy to connect to her energy because she’s so grounded. Thanks Natasha!”


“This is such an incredible podcast, I could listen to it all day long. You made it seriously great, Natasha! It just blew my mind in a great way!

I could even feel your vibrant energy shine and light up my way and then light up back again. The insightful view and inspiring messages from the top leaders is absolutely fantastic!

This is by far the best podcast I’ve ever listened to and am looking forward to many more!

Sending you much love, light, and gratitude.

Much love from me, Sabrina”


“Natasha —

From hearing you speak over the last few months, you have opened my mind and my heart to help reposition so many thoughts. You help me understand that love is energy, and that energy is not meant to be interpreted, just felt. Thank you for freeing my heart and helping me feel the greatness within all of us. I am forever grateful.”

Dan Mezheritsky

President at Fitness on the Go

Healing Testimonials

“Thank you Natasha for today. I am 63 & have been broken by a cruel bullying family, who have told me all my life I am not good enough. Until today didn’t think I could ever be free from that.

On top of that I have a 33yr old son with profound Autism that lives at home with my husband & I. He’s very severe & no help for or with him. Today he is very distressed as he broke his front tooth & giving him pain although can’t tell us. It’s the last straw my boy suffering. But come off the feed feeling
stronger & know that right now am doing all I can for him.

Many thanks, this could be life changing for me, thank you.”


“Natasha, until I read your book the only self help book I ever recommended to anyone was this one. Now I have two, and the interesting (and possibly not surprising) thing is they tell a similar message in a slightly different way.

I think your way of writing and getting your message over will resonate with the people that really need help.

It’s small steps that make a big difference. Every teenager needs to read your book.”

Chris Branch

Oscar Award Winning Producer

Money Testimonials

“Natasha. Beautiful, beautiful, Natasha.

I just wanted to stop what I was doing and extend my gratitude for the MBS method. Thank you for Meditation Behavioral Synchronicity! I am incorporating the things that you’ve taught me in your Live and the way you’ve shared them. With your vulnerability, your authenticity and your kindness.

Thank you for sharing your journey and for helping me to let go of old patterns, old habits, old belief structures that don’t serve me any longer. I have let go of the feelings of not being worthy, imposter syndrome, self worth, and I am standing in the center of my purpose. And you are very much a big part of that. 

Thank you!”

Mela Lee

Film Star & Singer

“I had the pleasure of connecting with Natasha through one of her IG growth webinars. I could tell right away that she has a tremendous passion and energy for helping others! I was so inspired after the webinar that I invested in one of Natasha’s group IG growth courses and am so thankful that I did!

Over the course of our 4 sessions, I learned so much regarding best practices and actionable tips to grow my brand on IG.

Natasha was very helpful and always willing to answer my questions/concerns. Simply put, Natasha is an AMAZING human being and I HIGHLY recommend her IG growth course if you are SERIOUS about growing your brand on IG.

I am beyond thrilled that I made the investment!”

Kurt Mueller,


I have had the best 4 days. I was initially skeptical as I thought, what could I learn in 4 hours!

However my gut feeling was telling me to go for it. And wow, it was just amazing. Interactive, energetic just what I needed to move to the next
level in my Instagram journey. For who Natasha is, I feel honored to of had this learning experience from her.

Thank you Namaste!

Jackie Neu

Yoga Teacher and Online Course Instructor

“Hey guys! It’s Stephanie Molina from Switzerland! I am so excited to tell you all about the five day course that I have just completed with Natasha Grano on Instagram training.

 I’ve been trying to grow my business for two years and I have not known how to do it and I have been completely afraid of Instagram and how to use it. I hooked up with Natasha and in five simple sessions of approximately one hour each, she was able to hold my hand and walked me through all the steps. And now I am the proud versatile user of posting, I know all the tips about tags, about hashtags, about growing, about stories. I know it all basically, thanks to Natasha. 

So if you have a chance to do this course, do it with your eyes closed. You can grow your business and you can have so much fun! Natasha is full of energy and insights. It’s amazing, do it now!”


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